Exploring Rural Charm: A review of Harvest Host at Cherry Ridge Airport in Honesdale, PA

Cherry Ridge Airport, Honesdale PA


Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Honesdale, Pennsylvania, lies the quaint and picturesque Cherry Ridge Airport. Far from your typical airstrip, Cherry Ridge Airport offers a unique blend of aviation, hospitality, and rural charm that sets it apart as a hidden gem in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Enjoy a free night as a Harvest Host member and experience the awe and beauty of rv camping in the Pocono Mountains.

Harvest host experience

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As a Harvest Host member, we recently had the opportunity to experience this unique camping destination firsthand, and it was truly unforgettable. From exploring the airport facilities to connecting with fellow travelers, there’s so much to love about Cherry Ridge Airport as a Harvest Host. Join us as we share our journey and the incredible benefits of rv camping at this one-of-a-kind location in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Arriving and Parking

Cherry Ridge Airport was a breeze to find. It’s located just off of RT 191 and Owego Turnpike in Honesdale, Pa. We didn’t have any issues with our oversized Super C motorhome. Upon arrival at Cherry Ridge, we were greeted by the host named Rich. He was kind enough to offer his cell phone number prior to our arrival so that when we did arrive, we just called to notify him. It took him about 5 minutes to get there, and he welcomed us with a hardy handshake and a smile. The airport offers designated parking areas for RVs, providing a peaceful and secure spot for guests to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of their surroundings.

There were two other Harvest Host members already setup in some of the spots.

We had a larger rig, so Rich placed us on the blacktop, which was perfectly flat and level. We were given permission to stay for two nights, so we parked our RV and set up.

Exploring the Cherry Ridge Airport

One of the highlights of our stay was walking around the property and exploring the beautiful landscape. We arrived just before sunset. The beautiful sunset through the trees was an amazing site. Once it was dark, the beautiful quaint lights of the airport lite up. The small runway and taxi ways were picturesque. There were no planes landing for the rest of the evening, so we all took a stroll around the property and even walked on the runway.

We noticed the restaurant, Betty Boops’s Airport Cafe, on the property right away. Although they were closed, we were looking forward to a great breakfast in the morning.

We settled in our Rv for the evening. It was chilly. We had our generator in the back of our pickup truck that we towed. Its a Predator 4550 invertor generator. We love it because its small, portable, quiet and a bit cheaper than other generators. Generators are allowed at this Harvest Host site.

Patronage at a Harvest Host

Patronage at a Harvest Host location typically involves a mutual understanding and respect between the host and the guest. Harvest Host is a membership-based network that connects RV travelers with unique overnight stays at farms, vineyards, wineries, breweries, and other scenic locations like Cherry Ridge Airport across North America. Here’s what you can expect as a patron at a Harvest Host location.

  • Membership: Before visiting a Harvest Host location, guests are expected to be members of the Harvest Hosts network. Membership grants access to the directory of hosts and allows guests to make overnight reservations at participating locations. You can join Harvest Hosts with our link and receive 20% off!!!
  • Respect for the Host’s Property: Guests are expected to respect the property of the host. This includes following any guidelines or rules provided by the host regarding where to park, how to dispose of waste, and any other specific instructions related to the property.
  • Courtesy and Communication: Guests should communicate with the host in advance to arrange their stay and confirm availability. It’s courteous to inform the host of your estimated arrival time and any special requirements you may have.
  • Appreciation and Support: While staying at a Harvest Host location, guests are encouraged to support the host’s business by making purchases if applicable. This might include buying products from a farm stand, tasting wines at a vineyard, or sampling craft beers at a brewery or enjoying a meal at their restaurant.
  • Gratitude: Showing appreciation for the host’s hospitality is always appreciated. Whether it’s a simple thank you note, a friendly conversation, or a small token of appreciation, expressing gratitude goes a long way in fostering positive relationships between guests and hosts.
  • Leave No Trace: As with any camping or outdoor activity, guests should practice Leave No Trace principles to minimize their impact on the environment. This includes properly disposing of trash, respecting wildlife, and being mindful of noise levels.

We ate breakfast at 7am at Betty Boop’s Airport Cafe on the property of the Cherry Ridge Airport. What a delightful quaint experience! The servers were very attentive and friendly. The food was quick and very tasty! Take a look at their menu on Facebook Betty Boops Airport Cafe | Honesdale PA | Facebook

Benefits of Harvest Host and Cherry Ridge Airport

At night, we would sit outside our RV and gaze up at the starry sky. It was a truly memorable experience that provided a new perspective on travel and camping. In addition to the cost-saving aspect, being a Harvest Host member at Cherry Ridge in the Pocono Mountains provides an invaluable sense of community and connection with fellow travelers. The program fosters a welcoming environment where like-minded individuals can come together, share their experiences, and exchange travel tips. It’s a fantastic way to meet new people and build lasting relationships while on the road.

Being a Harvest Host member at Cherry Ridge Airport allowed us to have a front-row seat to the excitement of aviation while still enjoying the tranquility of RV camping. It’s an experience we would highly recommend to any traveler looking for something out of the ordinary.


In conclusion, our stay at Cherry Ridge Airport as a Harvest Host was a fantastic experience. The ease of access to the location, warm greetings, and the beautiful surroundings made for a pleasant stay. The Harvest Host program at Cherry Ridge Airport offers several benefits to RV travelers. Staying for free in your RV is not only a great way to save on accommodation costs, but it also provides more flexibility in your travel plans. Additionally, as a Harvest Host member, you can connect with a community of fellow travelers. Sharing experiences and travel tips with like-minded individuals creates a sense of camaraderie and enhances the overall RV camping experience.

We highly recommend Cherry Ridge Airport as a Harvest Host location for RV campers looking for a unique and enjoyable camping experience. Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast or simply enjoy the excitement of staying at an active airport, Cherry Ridge Airport offers a truly unforgettable experience. From the friendly atmosphere to the opportunity to learn about aviation, there’s something for everyone at Cherry Ridge Airport in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

Be sure to check out our other articles about Harvest Host and become a member today to enjoy all the benefits!

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